World of tanks blitz best tank to start

world of tanks blitz best tank to start

Jump to content. First of all, this is my personal opinion. With a few exceptions, these are the tanks I like to drive the most in each tier. Any comments and criticism are welcome. I will only list tanks above tier 4 as we all know nowadays there's not really much to talk about in low tiers. I will include premium tanks and fantasy tanks as they are part of the game. If you don't like them, don't buy them.

Solid armor, solid gun, solid mobility. The most solid tank in this tier.

Some tier 4s can't pen kv1 anywhere with their standard rounds. And if you just want to farm some WR in lower tiers, this is the tank for you. M4 Sherman. The best medium in this tier. This is the best tank to learn hull down play style for beginners. Cromwell B. One of the best mediums in this tier. Great mobility and gun depression is a deadly combination in any tier.

That being said, this tank has a high ceiling and a low floor for its lack of armor. IV Schmalturm. A new found love for me. A solid turret, great dpm and 10 degrees of gun depression can do a lot for you in this tier as long as you know what you are doing.

Because it's a Drac Again, a low floor and high ceiling tank. A tank that can be a TD, a medium or a heavy. Good mobility, good armor and great dpm.

Try to conserve hp in the first half of the battles and don't brawl with fast tanks, then come out and kill everything. One of the more new player friendly tanks in this list. T Rudy. It's probably now my favorite tier 8 heavy.

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A hull down Caenarvon is IS-spam's worst enemy. If an IS-X pushes me, one effective strategy I like to use is face hugging him. Most of them don't have the gun depression or the brain to shoot heat and you can shoot the top of their turrets all day.Jump to content. Welcome back to another update in the BEST series! This is purely my opinion, and you are free to put in your input. Hope you enjoy!

TOP 5 - Tech tree tanks to keep - wot blitz

See spoiler. See how things have changed! Found below is the original list for this specific topic, written over a year ago! Let me know! Purely, awful. Poor gun handling, middling speed, relatively weak armor, and a large profile meaning poor camouflage are all characteristics that plague the WZ. Notice how none of the aforementioned affect the Gun arc is noticeably improved from the T95, and the DPM is near maddening.

Strong penetration and cheap HESH rounds create a bunker-like experience not achievable by any other tank in the game. Who remembers when the tank was broken back when the updates were still in the 1's and 2's? You have a T34, going against tier X tanks. No, it is not garbage, notice how it is in the play for fun division. Yes, a mediocre turret that will only bounce tier 8's and some tier 9's with alpha can be fun.

Yes, it can be a heavy tank. That doesn't mean it will always succeed in that role. I will concede that thick tracks will allow you to side scrape occasionally, but it is pretty slow to take key positions. This is one of these tanks that requires a platoon mate to really shine. It takes some serious knowledge of mechanics, positioning, and awareness to keep the IS-4 gun on steroids singing.

Decently troll armor will bounce a few shots, but it is nothing reliable.Use it over and over again. Poll Best Tier 7 tank??? Yep, T29 is way up there. Same gun as T32, strongest hull in the series, mobility, depression, awesome turret.

I have played less than a year but the frontal hull armor buff alone makes it legendary. Not getting a better gun just makes it so meh for me. Surprising opinion.

Given new players rarely take advantage of depression how else is it noob friendly? But no seriously, the bulldog already was a beast and now it's basically a damage farming machine. More like, absolute garbage. But I don't own the Smasher, so that one could be actually the best for all i know; it has the DPM to do so, but i find that people give a little bit too much credit to the armour.

However, being able to shit out a mm shell every 15 seconds, is pretty damn good. Turret is trolly and since the tank barely exposes itself due to not needing to aim for weakspots like other heavies due to raw HE damage. Unlike bulldog, which requires a semi competent team one that can at least survive as distractions to be able to do massive damage, the smasher can frontally combat equal tier heavies and safely chip away with HE, while ruining paper tanks days with it.

TBH people should shoot some heat with it sometimes, i mean mm of pen is pretty gut for a tier 7 heavy. Yeah that dpm is really good. The Lycan and the Lupus are pretty close. I have both and use them interchangeably.

world of tanks blitz best tank to start

The Lupus has a much more accurate gun and 2 degrees more gun depression, but a worse armor profile but much easier to pen turret and sides. The other Valkyria Chronicles tanks are also really strong, esp the Edelweiss when hulldown. The smoosher hurts when it hits and gets hit to be hurt. The armor is better than the KV-2, but most things can pen it pretty easily.

Anyone that says any tank other than the smasher either is trolling or butt hurt smasher victim or a noob. IMO the Smasher is overrated. Sure, you have a derpy gun, but tons of tanks at tier 8 are packing mm guns like yours, and most other heavies have mm guns.

Even though the accuracy and aim time on the Smasher are godlike for a gun of that caliber and type, it's still on the low side. Plus, it has no gun depression, the mobility is garbage, and you have zero hull armor.As you can see from the name of the category — tank destroyers are specialized armored vehicles whose main purpose is destroying tanks and main target — highly armored ones.

Gameplay-wise, they represent one of the most specific categories in World of Tanks. Therefore, if u decide to master the skills required for a perfect game in a tank destroyer, just know the frontline teammates will always be grateful. It is armed with 4. This gun is the main reason why the enemy tanks will think twice before they confront you. It is capable of penetrating 81mm of effective armor the best standard round penetration in its Tier and it pumps terrifying However, its slow aim time of 2.

The cannon of this tank destroyer is proof that, even in a game, the Soviets had responded to all the challenges of military engineering. Surprisingly, the tank from the Soviet tech tree is the most precise in its Tier and its category.

Was it a mistake by programmer Wargaming or something else is not really important, because this tank truly deserves the title of the best tank destroyer in its Tier.

It possesses the best hull armor in its Tier. If you opt for a 3. Since it's far too slower than the other tank destroyers from Tier III, plus it has its ammo rack placed on the side, if you're spotted, trust me, you'll get ammo racked it takes the complimentary title of a runner-up in this Tier. It has been one of the favorite tanks ever since the World of Tanks exists and it's safe to say that it kept its place in the hearts and garages of the gamers from all around the world for obvious reasons.

It is adorned with a very good upper plate armor even up to mm of effective armorso it often happens that the tanks from Tiers V and VI have trouble crushing these little beasts. T67 is another American turreted tank destroyer. Almost all the players of World of Tanks have learned a lot so far about this, commonly known as 'The Devil from Tier V'. The experiences of the gamers regarding this tank are different. Some have enjoyed riding them, others have been through hell fighting against it.

What's certain is that we are talking about the best tank destroyer in Tier V. Popularly known as a 'Bathtub', it definitely has things to offer to those who decide to give it a chance. The highlight of this tank destroyer is definitely available guns. Even stock gun has a decent penetration of mm on standard, and mm on premium rounds.

You'll agree that it feels amazing to treat IS or T29 with damage. This is precisely what enables you to arrive safely to classic TD positions, to relocate yourself faster in case of danger, and even to scout or flank enemy tanks.

world of tanks blitz best tank to start

You'll enjoy its great camo values, aim time of 1. The possibility to choose cannons for this tank enables you to play in two ways:. As an ambusher with the mm DS gun that punches enemies in the face with alpha damage the biggest alpha damage of all regular tanks in this tier. If you hate it, it means you've never tried it.

Should you have an opportunity, give it a try — you won't regret it. Its good armor has almost nothing to do with its speed, so it's safe to say that a long way with a pretty decent cannon, these two factors put it in the second place of our list. Ever since it was introduced in the game, every TD player has lusted after this tank destroyer.

It is the first tank in the Swedish TD line that features hydraulic suspension, which means that you have travel mode great mobility and siege mode ridiculously good gun handling .World of Tanks is a massively multiplayer online game featuring combat vehicles from the midth century.

Join tankers from all over the world, throw yourself into epic tank battles, and fight for victory! If you're new to the Wargaming universe, follow the registration link to get started.

Share on social networks. Create account. Failed to log in. General Wargaming. M On Track For Oct. Welcome to World of Tanks! Getting Started Explore the Garage and Battle Screen interfaces to get all the essential information you need during the battle. Controls and Firing Master the controls of your vehicle and learn how to aim and fire effectively. How to Survive Learn some tips on the use of armor, concealment, terrain, and cover, so that you increase your chance for victory.

In-Game Economy Fight your best fights and earn in-game resources that will help you progress. Upgrading Your Vehicles Learn how to increase your vehicle's performance and add new vehicles to your collection. In-Game Communication Find out how to use the chat to coordinate with your allies.

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Select a region. North and South America: English. Asia: English.This content requires the base game World of Tanks Blitz on Steam in order to play.

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What is the best tank line and why ?

Share Embed. Add to Cart. This product is not eligible for refund. Learn more. About This Content Get a head start against the rest of the fighters right away! A powerful engine will quickly drive you to key positions and a gun with high damage per minute will easily destroy the enemy. Devastate your foes! Gold gold always come in handy. The more XP and credits you have, the closer you are to cool vehicles with top modules! Battle using the Undeniable Advantage special camouflage that is only available to Premium Account owners.

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Fight among industrial buildings situated in a breathtaking North American landscape. Defy the laws of physics and behold multi-ton tanks flying through the air.

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world of tanks blitz best tank to start

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