Swot analysis of kylie cosmetics

We provide top quality academic writing services at most affordable prices. The companies can be aware of their products and their positions with respect to other substitutes available in the market after the product mapping and analysis Bertelsen, A company with developing its internal strengths shouldabolish the internal weaknesses and grab the opportunities to develop the business coming from the external sources of the business fighting with the threats for the company Ahmad, A company should construct a SWOT Matrix to take into account the strategies developed and followed by the company in the following way:.

W-O Strategies: A Company should pursue those opportunities which can overcome the weaknesses of the company. S-T Strategies: In these strategies the methods to utilise the strengths are clarified so that the threats of a company can be reduced. W-T Strategies: A company has to establish a defensive plan which can prevent the threats to a company that can be the weaknesses of a company.

Revlon is an experienced cosmetics company in the UK market for 75 years. Revlon is very popular among the women. The main focus area of Revlon is development of the product despite of several constraints in the business. Revlon has a strong research and development section. Revlon also supports the health programs arranged for women with some ethical supports.

swot analysis of kylie cosmetics

Revlon maintains a very active and efficient distribution channel which acts very positively to increase sales. The financial position of Revlon is so weak due to heavy debt and losses in the market. The Company is reducing the trust of the employees due to rapid cut in employment. The performances of the employees are hampered because of the continuous changes in organisational structure. Most of the marketing strategies of Revlon are very weak to reach to the targeted market segments.

Revlon can act as a joint ventures or partnerships in the industry to face the financial issues. Revlon has the opportunity to utilise all the available product promotion methods to boost up the total sales of the company. Revlon should develop products for the male segments of the market too for the expansion of the business. Revlon faces an intense competition in the industry. Revlon use to fail to develop new products adjusting with the market demand which changes due to rapid changes in fashion for the insufficient financial assistance.

Through Revlon utilises online selling opportunity, but it never cares about online assistance to the customers developing online relationships. The instable condition of the government of UK is also a big threat to the company. The focus towards the women section of the people only also acts as a threat because the substitute products of the rival companies have started to grab the men section already.

According to Freeswotanalysis. The product quality of the company is high. Some products of the company have built goodwill for the company winning awards. The branding of the products is quirky and original. The products of Benefit cosmetics are popular among the make-up artists. The online presence of the company is very strong. The products of Benefit Cosmetics are very easy to copy to its competitors in the market.

The company plays a good role in sponsorship to the bloggers which a very popular marketing strategy.Our website is made possible by displaying online advertisements to our visitors.

Please consider supporting us by disabling your ad blocker. The beauty industry is diverse, comprising more than just makeup and skin care products.

But even though the products in this industry are endless, they all focus on selling one specific idea: a better you. Beauty brands supply the tools to improve your appearance and, by proxy, your feelings about yourself.

swot analysis of kylie cosmetics

Toothpaste makes your breath smell better. Deodorant stops body odor. Makeup makes lips bigger and erases dark circles. Beauty brands know people need products for certain occasions too, like when job hunting or when meeting up for a spicy date at that New Mexican restaurant around the corner.

Every company selling beauty products are liable to follow strict regulations and this PESTLE analysis of the beauty industry confirms dives deeper into these facts. Product safety is a hot topic in the United States. Companies will need to report ingredient statements, recalls, and register manufacturers. Additionally, many brands in this industry either import ingredients from other countries or sell directly on foreign land. For example, Europe and Canada have harsher ingredient requirements.

The FDA has a big job to ensure the safety of all ingredients. Although this focuses primarily on the cosmetic industry, the entirety of the beauty industry typically follows these same general guidelines. Unlike many others, the beauty industry is quite resistant to economic recessions. It even survived the Great Recession of Beauty products have become a necessity like eating or having a roof over their head.

People will always feel the need to have shampoo and soap in their bathroom. Forums and subreddits are popping up over the internetdiscussing the best routines for flawless skin. As for employment in this industry, nearly one million people are employed, including hairdressers, barbers, manicurists, skin care specialist, and massage therapists.

The numbers are only going up from there. Hair removal, skin care, nail salons, hair styling, plastic surgery clinics, massage parlors, medical spas, and perfume bottles are all relevant to the beauty industry.In NovemberKylie Jenner released three matte lip kits and the world went crazy.

The demand was so high that all three kits sold out in one minute, causing the site to momentarily crash—something that any cosmetic brand dreams about. Recent interviews with the socialite have been focused on her astounding success and her plans for future projects. Kylie has mentioned on more than one occasion that she has plans to expand her cosmetic career and to ultimately focus on more behind-the-scenes projects.

Kylie is no exception. Whatever she puts her name on, it sells, but I have to wonder what is it that makes this young lady such a cultural phenomenon and what we can take away. Many people are quick to assume that it has to do with her family name. There have been many instances in which a celebrity attempts to break out on their own and they fail.

So, what is it that Kylie does differently from other people in her field? She hires the right people and does the right things. One of her most recent branding escapades was the creation of a music video-like promotion for the new glosses.

It was a unique way of spreading the word while creating intense hype around the products and evolving a trend she developed—a skill that Kylie has certainly mastered. While I have never tried any of her cosmetics, as I am not much of a lipstick person, I have heard nothing but great reviews.

Everyone wants to get their hands on a lip kit and some eager buyers are going to great lengths to get them. Could it be a strategy that is focused on creating hype or is it that she is a well-known celebrity who is utilizing her family name? Kylie was catapulted into fame when Keeping Up With The Kardashians first aired in and since then, she has had access to many resources, including trend-setting older sisters.

Whether society wants to admit it or not, the Kardashian family has a lot of influence on its viewers. Kylie, so much like her sisters, has been the center of many rumors, praise and criticism. This has put her in the spotlight. She has access to many resources that may not be readily available to the average person, and she knows how to use them. For instance, Kylie has a mass following on social media. Her Instagram alone has While many of her posts involve selfies or pictures with friends, each one is clearly calculated.

Whether she is wearing the latest trends in makeup and fashion or visiting hotspots around the world, she is showcasing one of her most prominent features — her lips. A controversy that surrounded the starlet a few years ago may be a contributing factor to her great success.It was reported by TMZ that Jenner planned to use the additional property as a workspace for Kylie Cosmetics, the burgeoning makeup empire that turned her from the baby of the Kardashian-Jenner extended media universe into a mogul in her own right.

Seed Beauty, the company that manufactures Kylie Cosmetics in Oxnard, California, swears it is not faking this scarcity. Since launching, the line has grown to include Kyshadows eye-shadow palettes whose arrival was heralded with Snapchat tutorials and a surprise giveaway to her biggest fans in the Los Angeles area and Kyliners eyeliner, a gel pot, and a brush.

swot analysis of kylie cosmetics

Jenner debuted the first Kyliner—infused with real gold—for her 19th birthday in August. The only question was how Jenner would brand and commodify her original product: herself. Despite being less than one year old and experiencing those aforementioned speed bumps, Kylie Cosmetics is an undeniable success story. Despite the runaway success, it is only recently that Seed has even publicly admitted to working with Jenner.

A few vloggers suspected Seed Beauty, including Nicole, who is known for reviewing liquid lipsticks. It showed that most of the ingredients were the same, but used in a different order. Because there are only so many beauty manufacturers, similar products from different brands are fairly common. Who cares? It all seems like such a scam.

Instead, she received mixed reactions. Some viewers were appreciative of the hot tip; other, more passionate Jenner fans gave her grief in the comments. The start of Kylie Cosmetics, though, is not nearly as quaint. The company works more quickly—and holistically—than other cosmetics companies. It comes up with a product, then manufactures, names, packages, and ships it from the same building—its headquarters in Oxnard with most other beauty products, those steps occur at many different locations.

Instead of taking months, if not years, to debut new products, laboring over everything from the creation to the marketing, Seed Beauty just wants to get their makeup out as fast as they can. They once invented and shipped a product for ColourPop in 27 hours.

With Jenner, they developed the brand in only six weeks after she approached the company, Nelson said. Kylie Jenner declined to be interviewed for this piece. I think for those reasons, I hope people are rooting for her. Attempting to look like Jenner is what Kylie Cosmetics is all about, a business model that has given some parents pause and proven somewhat controversial within the corners of the beauty-blogger industry that concerns itself with ethics in marketing.

The kids clearly do not seem to mind. Will be used in accordance with our Privacy Policy. By Lauren Le Vin e. The reality star and cosmetics mogul was extremely candid with fans on Twitter. By Kenzie Bryan t. Video: The Evolution of Kylie Jenner. Royal Watch Get the latest chatter, from Kensington Palace and beyond, straight to your inbox. Read More. Keeping Up with Kylie. Keeping Up With Kylie.Benjamin Voyer does not work for, consult, own shares in or receive funding from any company or organisation that would benefit from this article, and has disclosed no relevant affiliations beyond their academic appointment.

The success of her eponymous brand — Kylie Cosmetics, launched just 18 months ago — exemplifies what can be achieved when social media, including Facebook and Twitterare used efficiently as a marketing tool.

Establishing a brand that becomes well-known was once seen as the ultimate goal for any company looking for a significant market share. Brands provide consumers with a reassuring promise, often in terms of high quality, after-sales support or style. Brands are enduring, and consumers — at least traditionally — were introduced to brands by their relatives, social circles or TV and print advertising.

However, the emergence of social media has profoundly reshaped the role of brands and how they emerge and survive in an increasingly competitive marketing landscape. First, branding cycles are much faster than before.

Starbucks SWOT Analysis

Second, consumers can more easily discover new, often niche and alternative, brands. In a context of defiance towards consumerism and mass marketing, brands that look small and honest provide a reassuring feel to consumers. These smaller brands are best exemplified by their founders, which incarnate the brand and its values in a direct way.

More than ever, brands have to be personalised and convey emotions, as consumers are looking for ones that display authenticity. Self-branding is also becoming the norm — and the trend of successful celebrities, including Kylie Jenner, successfully launching their brands will increase.

Influencers instagramers, YouTubers… also work to brand themselves, even as they endorse other brands, increasing cross-selling. Consumers want brands that resonate with themselves and that capture their individuality. This desire can go so far as to incorporate brands into selfies, a trend that can help build brands but also destabilise them.

Brand loyalty remains, but is less dominant. Consumers may keep buying, but it can be more as a habit than for the brand itself. One powerful trend is for brands to offer an ecosystem of associated products and services that become indispensable to the product itself — think Apple.

Marketing Strategy in Cosmetic Industry A Comparative Study between Benefit Cosmetics and Revlon

Creating a powerful consumption habit and a strong ecosystem around products and services are some of the key success factors for a strong 21st-century brand. A classic example of premium pricing is perfume, the price of which mainly comes from marketing packaging, promotion….

Traditional large fast-moving consumer goods companies FMCG have often reacted by buying emerging brands, a trend that has been described as large corporations swallowing hipster brands. This can be a risky strategy, as FMCG firms can end up paying a hefty premium for such brands, which have often not been completely stabilised. This also casts doubts on why these larger corporations were not able to come up with such brands and products themselves.

No, especially as larger firms are become more agile, fostering in-house innovation and launching new brands. They have the ability and leverage to work with influencers, leading to co-branding that can give a more personal feel to long-established brands.

FMCG companies are also starting to be more reactive and quickly launch of new products and brands, including ephemeral ones. Of course, the power of social media still varies according to the type and maturity of industries in which companies are competing.

Whatever the sector, anticipating shifts in demand is key, as shorter consumption cycles mean traditional companies need to be prepared to launch more of these short-lived brands, and drop them should they outlive their usefulness. The new reality of marketing in the era of social media is that while brands can rise faster, they can also fall faster than ever before. York Festival of Ideas — York, York.

Festival of Ideas — HatfieldHertfordshire. Edition: Available editions United Kingdom.

PESTLE Analysis in Beauty Industry

Online cosmetics tutorial. Social media and the branding landscape Establishing a brand that becomes well-known was once seen as the ultimate goal for any company looking for a significant market share. Are the days of long-established, omnipotent brands over? As we approach the s, how has branding changed?Well, we all know Kylie Jenner, the youngest of the kardashian clan is just 22 years old and a highly successful entrepreneur who has built a billion dollar company kylie cosmetics.

So, what makes Kylie Jenner stand out in the business world and how she has skyrocketed to fame? In this post we will cover everything about Kylie Jenner and the are of successful marketing for building a business empire using social media and engaging content.

If you have ever noticed Kylie Jenner is super active on Social Media platforms such as Instagram and Snapchat and you would notice that she updates her pictures and stories several times in a day. So, the first lesson learnt is that it is important to be present where your target audience is and try to engage with them by sharing stuff that they find interesting and could relate to.

Kylie Jenner created a business using her most famous asset, cosmetically enhanced lips and launched the brand that targets youth with the products such as liquid lipsticks and lip liner. Once you are able to understand your target audience and their demands then you can imagine that you have won half the battle towards turning your small business into a profitable money making machine.

Kylie is unique in her own way and her weirdness makes her stand out from the rest of her sister. Her ability to change her hair, her unique style and her lips all add upto her unique personality something that every girl wants.

Kylie capitalized on her unique style and her lips that set her apart from other cosmetic brands. So, the second lesson learnt is that you have to find out your qualities that sets your business, your brands, your products and services apart from your competitors.

Market your qualities that are different from your competitors and you will be able to easily capitalize on them.

A Marketing Analysis of the Kylie Jenner Lip Kit Phenomenon

If you are already a fan of Kylie then you must be aware that kylie has launched an app where her fans get to access exclusive content about her and her brand. So, the third lesson learn is that you have to work on the content that your target audience can consume easily and provokes them to purchase your exclusive content as well. Kylie is quite open about her life on social media platform and shared some of her real problems that she has faced in the past and this makes her fans feel more connected to her.

Kylie connected with her fans more like a friend rather than a celebrity and that is why her fans are so actively involved with her on various social media platforms. So, the fourth and the most important lesson learnt is that when you are marketing your brand or your small business you need to connect with your target audience more personally that brings in a sense of trust and personal touch and they are ready to buy from you.

By attempting to convert fans of her celebrity status to consumers of her products, she not only creates loyal and long-lasting customers, but also those who support her no matter what she brings out. She made her fans hungry for more and curious for every next product from Kylie Cosmetics.

She had advertised her cosmetic products on snapchat as well, due to her large presence on that platform too. However, ever since Instagram got a stories feature she is able to promote on their directly to fans who can also check out her second account.

Most of her fan base converted into audience because of the personal touch added to each story on the instagram when promoting a product.

Try implementing these 5 powerful marketing strategies for your small business and in no time you would see how your small business transforms into a money making machine. Inspirational Walt Disney Quotes.

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Very informative!If you're like me and happen to be a huge beauty addict, you've probably had your eye on one of Kylie Jenner's lip kits, but debated whether it's worth the hype.

Jenner slayed the first launch of the product, with the first round selling out in under a minute. All six shades sold out in about 20 minutes that round. Since then, Kylie's micro-launches and restocks have continuously been quick to sell out.

The whole ordeal got me thinking a lot about how on point their marketing strategy is for this product, and how we can apply similar concepts to small businesses launches. Although the average business owner doesn't have the kind of pull that Kylie has over the purchasing decisions of her fans, I think there's still some major lessons we can learn from her launch strategy on a small scale.

swot analysis of kylie cosmetics

This 5-page workbook will help you identify your target market and establish exactly what you can uniquely offer them! When people buy Kylie Cosmetics, they certainly aren't buying it because it's the only product like it in the market.

They aren't buying it because they believe it's the best product. People will, however, buy a premium product because of one of the following reasons:. The limited amount of lip kits available for her first launch could not have been more intentional. Scarcity makes sales time-sensitive, which encourages action.

Thanks for dropping by! I'm Caileigh and I create killer brand identities and offer coaching for creative entrepreneurs with gumption. Home Work with Me Blog Contact. Now check your email to get started defining your target market!

There was an error submitting your subscription. Please try again. First Name. Email Address. People will, however, buy a premium product because of one of the following reasons: Respected Recommendation - Seeing your favourite beauty bloggers or YouTubers go nutso for a product that they very may well have received for free creates a trusted hype.

Behind Kylie Jenner’s success in a saturated cosmetics industry

You love the way something looks on them, so you want that same look for yourself. Lifestyle Value - Most people are working towards financial security, freedom, and happiness. Even if you are the most rational person in the world, if someone who looks fabulous and lives fabulously sells a decent product, you are intrinsically going to desire it.

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