Ezale died

His name was Dominic Newton. Very likeable, very friendly, good manners, just all around good guy. But the Bay Area and the world would know him as the Jacka. The Jacka made his name on an album called Tear Gas.

But Oakland police have never named a suspect or made an arrest. They declined an interview for this story. All his friends and fans can do is work to keep his memory alive. We miss him a lot. Everybody misses him. It will never be the same. You must log in to post a comment. Best Of. Woman Drowns After Falling Off Boat in Lake Tahoe, 6 Children Aboard Rescued A woman drowned after falling off a boat carrying six children on Lake Tahoe and a man who jumped off the boat to try to rescue her had to be hospitalized for severe hypothermia, authorities in northern Nevada said Saturday.

Interactive Radar. Liam's List Oct. KPIX 5. Years later, his fans, friends and family are still searching for justice. They were friends since high school. He was shot and killed in East Oakland at an intersection neighbors now call 94th and Jacka. Two and a half years later there are rumors.The officers and eyewitnesses offered competing accounts of the events surrounding the shooting, [1] [7] [8] and an investigation by the LAPD's watchdog unit, Los Angeles Board of Police Commissionersconcluded in June that one officer had been justified in the shooting, while the other officer was unjustified, had acted outside of LAPD policy, and had violated Ford's civil rights by detaining him.

As a child he played basketballand wanted to play professionally and to study medicine. In September Ford was arrested on felony charges of carrying a loaded firearm and possession of marijuana with intent to sell.

ezale died

He argued the marijuana was for personal use, and in January the charge was reduced to a misdemeanorfor which he paid a small fine. He pleaded guilty to the firearm charge and was sentenced to 90 days in jail. In Ford was shot in the leg in a gang-related incident. A neighbor said that Ford was an innocent bystander in the shooting, and that his mental illness became more evident from then on. After his death his parents said their son had been diagnosed with depressionbipolar disorder and schizophreniaand that everybody in the neighborhood, as well as police, were aware of this.

Ashanti Harrison, a neighbor, said he had grown up with Ford, who "did not bother nobody. He was kind of slow.

The whole neighborhood took care of him. Wampler had previously arrested Ford on marijuana possession charges in Villegas said he believed Ford may have been armed because he was in "a gang area". Villegas soon put the gun away and repositioned himself as the "cover" officer while Wampler approached Ford. No drugs were found in the vicinity, however. Smith said as they were walking towards him Ford "whirled around and basically attacked the lead officer.

Villegas responded by pushing his knee into Ford's back and attempting to handcuff him. Wampler said he then felt Ford grasping at his holstered pistol. Villegas said he feared for his life and that of his partner and shot Ford in the arm, then at Wampler's urging fired a second round into Ford's side.

Wampler said Ford continued to resist, causing him to retrieve his backup gun and used it to reach around Ford and shoot him in the back.

Basically the fight was on. After the shooting, Wampler handcuffed Ford. Wampler told investigators a crowd appeared, including one man who appeared angry but left after Wampler pointed his gun at him.

Thirteen seconds elapsed from the time that Wampler and Villegas left their vehicle to the first shot.

An LAPD news release said neither had been injured.

Ezale Barrow

Two witnesses disputed the officers' claim that Ford had concealed his hands, and said that he had raised his hands as the officers left their vehicle. They also said that Ford did not tackle an officer, and was instead tackled to the ground by one of the officers.

They laid him out and for whatever reason, they shot him in the back, knowing mentally, he has complications. Every officer in this area, from the Newton Division, knows that — that this child has mental problems. The excessive forceThe following is a list of notable hip hop musicians who have been murdered. A study concluded that murder was the cause of From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Wikipedia list article. The Conversation. Retrieved September 9, August 27, Retrieved December 28, Wade-O Radio. October 18, Archived from the original on January 6, Retrieved November 9, November 1, Stones Throw. February 1, Retrieved December 29, The New York Times. Retrieved November 10, Chicago Tribune.

Rolling Stone.Create New Account. As the series builds up to the finale, Ezra is left with two choices by General Thrawn—to let the people of Lothal die or to surrender to the Empire. Too Short releases a new mixtape titled "Hella Disrespectful," which highlights a variety of Bay Area talent.

Whatever seats you are looking for, we have tickets to all Ezale tour dates. Ezale follows in the brash, devil-may-care tradition of Mac Dre while leaving his own mark on the Bay Area rap scene. Given that Ezale is currently one of the most reliably unreliable rappers in the trade, We Want Some Pussy 2.

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Minor died at p. Forgot account? The government says more than have died in the violence; the Muslim Brotherhood, the organization that includes Morsi, puts the death count at more than 2, Chance The Rapper By using our website and our services, you agree to our use of cookies as described in our Cookie Policy.

Stizz describes this as "the quarantine cool out mix. Lyrics lolololororolo teleadictos, all the songs with lolololororolo teleadictos lyrics or containing lolololororolo teleadictos in the title songs about lolololororolo teleadictos. However, since my sister died last year, I have been having second thoughts about a lot of the decisions I have made over the years, especially regarding relationships and my choice of jobs.

Such a well-made recording commands respect and appreciation from the entire rap community. Alan White. How unique is the name Ezale? From to less than 5 people per year have been born with the first name Ezale.

Taking the overivew, this post hits the spot. Betty atiku Betty atiku. A man shot Clifton Heights Thursday night died in the hospital overnight, police said. This is the job description silagra cz a. List Artists: E. Song lyrics for you at Lyrics.

ezale died

The rapper and producer discusses healing, hyphy, and the communities that made him in this article by Siya Bahal for the East Bay Express. He was born in Inishturk on January 22, About See.We also provide an anti-racist safe space to empower Hapas who grow up in interracial families that suffer from White Patriarchy and internalized white supremacy.

A History of the word Hapa. Half Asians who look full Asian. Katie Malia's Hapa Youtube Series. Verified Hapas are welcome to join our Hapas-only Slack Chat. Non-Hapas who make posts that are not on the topic of Hapa people will be banned. Failure to comply will lead to banning. Rising star East Oakland based Cambodian rapper Ezale proves that the 2nd most dangerous city in America is ahead of the rest of the country in one way: race relations.

Ironically, the second most dangerous city in America of Oakland, CA is also the statistically most integrated and diverse city in America. In certain areas of East Oakland, blacks, Asians, Latinos and even whites all live together and intermingle.

The multiculturalism that exists there makes most American people, who have been indoctrinated to be racist since birth, feel uncomfortable. Such an environment produces unusual people like Cambodian rapper Ezale from the Asian-majority Funktown neighborhood which can be accurately described as an Asian American ghetto neighborhood.

Ezale is definitely on his way. He is signed to E's legendary Sick-Wit-It Records and many of his videos have passed the 1 million views mark which is unprecedented for a solo Asian American rapper; especially one without mainstream push. People from outside of Northern California have trouble understanding the mind-blowing diversity and integration that exists in the downtrodden areas of cities like Sacramento, Oakland, Vallejo and San Francisco. In some of these places, it seems race temporarily ceases to exist.

After all, race is fundamentally a white invention used to not only subjugate other races in relation to whites, but also to divide minorities amongst each other. It is both sad and ironic that some of the poorest areas of one the statistically most dangerous cities on this side of the planet is one of the only places where Asian American men are actually celebrated and accepted for who they are surrounded by people of all colors:. In the Bay, you have a lot of half-breeds who grew up in the hood or close to it.

The popular local San Francisco native rapper Equipto, who is half Japanese and Colombian, grew up between the Mission District and the Lower Haight which is very close to the Western Addition aka Fillmore which was heavily black and ghetto for decades. Some black people will tease you a bit but if you just prove you're down with it they open up. I'd much rather live around black people than around white people. Asian women have it made it the shade around white folks though.

It's probably a little more complicated than that in terms of race relations in the Bay Area but generally you are correct. In attendance were, of course, the Chinese relatives, White coworkers but a sizeable number of Black attendees as well who were probably friends of the children but they came. Most of the older generation Chinese relatives worked as self-employed and knew primarily Chinese but the Vallejo area seemed to be different.Few producers have been able to adapt to the shifting sounds and technology of rap music over the last two decades as well as DJ Fresh.

The year-old Baltimore native, born Marqus Brown, began his career as a turntablist, competing in national DJ battles up and down the East Coast. How did you first start DJing? Well, back in the days, people used to have records, you know? My pops used to do it. So I always had records around me. My two cousins were real DJs: one was a house DJ and one spun hip-hop.

I used to just sneak down there and use it. I was 10 years old. Hella young. A little bit of everything. He had good taste. What was the first piece of equipment that you bought for yourself?

I had to MacGyver that thang to make it work the right way. I had to superglue a bunch of quarters on top of the needle just so I could scratch without it jumping all over the record.

That shit was expensive. I was years-old when I bought that. How did you get into the competitive side of turntablism?

I had seen this DJ battle video. Roc Raida was so saucy with the showmanship. He had that cocky energy that I was drawn to. At that point, I had just seen DJs doing some cutting and mixing, and I pretty much had that down.

Oakland Rapper Ezale Is The Funkiest Human On The Planet

But when I saw that it opened up my world. I was like 15 or After seeing that, I started learning how to beat juggle and put words together from records so that it would say a sentence. Like really battle style DJing. My first real battle was in Virginia. I did a Zulu Nation battle and I placed second. The biggest battle I did was when I was The finance manager a 0, was not clear, gave different price from the sales manager. Thank you Michael and Hiriam, the service you provided was well over a 10.

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ezale died

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ezale died

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Apparently the happiest people in the world are from Norway.

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